Thursday, 17 November 2011

Introduction from 6th grade

Hello, we are pupils from school 1329. We like it very much, and now we will describe it.

Well, in our school there are big classrooms, a big gym, two swimming pools, a buffet, a beautiful canteen (the food there is very tasty) and spacious hallways with big windows. 
Our school has a very big playground and a sportsground.

Now you will read about our classes. Our lessons are very interesting and funny. In biology classroom we've got microscopes, in maths classroom we've got plaster models, in chemistry classroom we've got a lot of scientific stuff... If we continue describing our school, it will bore youУлыбка
In our school everybody is friendly.
Our schoollife is very interesting. We go to exhibitions, museums etc.
Oh! Our teachers will not stay unnoticed. We love our teachers, 'cause they are very clever, nice.. SO, THEY ARE THE BEST TEACHERS WE'VE MET!
We don't know what to write, but we want the whole world to know how much we love our cool school!

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  1. Hello 6th Graders!

    You would not bore ME if you described your school more! I visited your school back in September, but I did not get to meet you. I think your school is excellent. I WISH I could swim in your pool right now. I am in Cambodia now, and there is not a long swimming pool like yours for people to swim laps.

    You do have WONDERFUL teachers! Be good to them!

    I look forward to reading more about your school and your lives! How will you celebrate the winter holidays?

    Diana Gross
    aka "The Traveling Teacher"

  2. Hello)
    We're glad to read your message!
    What did you do in Cambodia? Did you visit schools there?
    So, about winter holidays.
    We are waiting for it!!! Usually we ski, skate and go for a walk.
    Watch our new video "King Lir's Children" and write comments)
    Maria Kutepova from 6th grade! :D
    school1329, Moscow

  3. I am enjoying learning about your country on your website. Please check out our school website:

    Cheryl Dezall
    Condor School

  4. Hello, Cheryl!
    I looked your website, you make a great works with different grades. I think we shall be able to make joint project next year. What do you think about it?
    Moscow, school 1329